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Travel Love Stories From Across the Globe

enRoute Magazine, April 2020

We asked our favourite travel writers to woo us with romantic tales of finding love in far-flung places – and they delivered. From discovering soulmates and best-friends-for-life to making more surprising connections, their stories are a testament to the deep, lasting relationships that travel can lead to.



I met my husband, Blake Ford, while backpacking around Europe in the summer of 1993. He was travelling from Italy to Greece; I was heading in the opposite direction. Our paths crossed on the Greek island of Corfu. We were both staying at the Pink Palace, a notorious backpackers’ accommodation more famous for of-the-moment hook-ups than lasting relationships. I noticed him sitting in the lobby one morning on my way to the dining hall. He was wearing Teva sandals (a sure sign he was from North America and spoke English), so I invited him to breakfast.

We spent the next two days together sunbathing and swimming in the Ionian Sea, talking about skiing in Banff and Colorado (he was a Canadian Rockies boy, I was a Colorado Rockies girl). When it came time for me to board the ferry to Brindisi, we exchanged actual addresses (this was pre-email!). I was determined to stay in touch – I figured that the fact I’d had to travel halfway around the world to meet someone who loved skiing as much as I did had to mean something. Letter writing turned into phone calls and, 10 months after we met, I flew from Denver to Calgary to visit him. We’ll be celebrating 23 years of marriage this August and it’s fair to say I fell in love with travel the same summer I fell for Blake. 

Travel Love Stories From Across the Globe

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